• I like your inspirational messages 🌹

  • Hi daniel you are such an inspiration you always send. The best inspirational quotes.youre just such a blessing.your music so beautifully played.You put alot of love into all you do.Thank you so much I appreciate you.God will bless you Daniel.

    Betty Stevens
  • Blessings in Jesus name truly gifted by God annointed thank u for all u do play and messages sent very speaking to me always thank u for being used by God Glory to God blessed in the city blessed in the field blessed by everything we touch Hallelujah praise God Victory belongs to Jesus Victory belongs to him all for his Glory you doing it well thank u Blessings for

  • Thank you Daniel, for all the beauty you bring to our lives through your music! Stay safe and God Bless!

    Gail Howell
  • For Show I Will !!!
    Patricia Lewis

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