You Have A Destiny

Most of us when hearing that we have 20/20 vision imagine that we are at the top of our game when it comes to having great eyesight.  This is not always true (Source: American Optometric Association).  In that same thought, the year 2020 re-energizes us to set goals in hopes to aspire beyond the year prior. This thematic thought could also be based on this year being different.  We learn that we won’t have a repeating double-digit year again for a thousand years. (Source: 

This information is like putting fuel to the fire for a visionary.  Now you say, Bring It On.  Don’t you feel that inward tenacity to conquer the world which pushes you forward with such determination?  Not! Stop right there. Are you just getting by with being mediocre with meeting any type of goal?  Have you given up on your dreams for a season, in hopes to pursue them down the road?  As you well know dreams don’t pay the bills, right?  What will it take to get back into the world of the living, the hope of tomorrow, the ‘I got this’ attitude?  Being positive about anything can make you feel like it is so farfetched, beyond your reach.  Yes, some of us see the glass half full and some half empty.  What does that mean anyhow? Are we born with these ideals?  Some people wake up driven, unmoved, and focused?  Some are just the opposite.  Could it be how we were raised? But then, we are told not to let your past dictate your future.  Can we just say enough is enough and push through the feelings of dread and despondency?  Maybe that is a choice we can make. 

What if you purposefully plan to wake up each morning knowing that someone was going to give you a present right next to your bed.  You knew it was going to be something special, because the person knew you so well.  What excitement it would be, knowing that it was going to be something useful and purposeful.  You could not wait to go to bed and open your eyes to experience the joy of getting that next day present. It would be like Christmas every day.   What insight to know that everyday we are given a new gift--life.  We are awakened each morning with a fresh breath in our lungs. Now note, that our physical body may be in different states of comfort, but you are awakened for a reason.  This gift that you are given is not to be squandered or misused.  It is not to be hidden or taken for granted.  Your ability to do your best, and meet your goals in this life-time will encourage another person to do the same.  Be in awe of your life, whether you are one paycheck from being homeless or can’t imagine what this article has to do with you, you are destined to a purposeful life.  No matter what your past, what your present, you have a future.  Every morning as you are awakened thank God for that gift, seek his truth for your life, and set your path on the road to destiny.