What’s in a Name

Simple dictionary meaning of ‘name’ is a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressd, or referred to.  Growing up, we were chastised for addressing a person as hey you or you there.  Knowing a persons’ name or addressing a person with Sir or Ma’am was a part of our etiquette.

What’s in a Name?  Can you relate to how your mom and dad came about naming you?  Maybe it was after someone famous or a certain star your parents saw the night they met, or the city that they met in.  Naming our children is not a science or is it?  Some parents prior to their children’s conception have a name picked out because of a particular meaning.  If we consider Biblical times, names had a foundational meaning even points to the character of a person or place.  Sometimes there are names given to children that you wonder if the parents thought out what would the consequences later on in their children’s lives be.  In primary school, students can be teased because of their name.  Also, with some children who may have a few more alphabets in their name, it can be a little challenging.  At times in this case their names are shortened like a nickname.  Names in some cultures have such a significance on how children grow up and, in some ways, have an impact on how their lives are lived according to the meaning of their name.  Your name gives you some sort of recognition.  It sets you a part from others.  Although you may come across with someone who has your same name in sound, it could be spelled differently.  There also could be many reasons why a person has that name.  

With the internet being so available, you can search out the meaning of your name. 

If you were not named for any particular meaning but other reasons, you might ponder over whether the meaning of your name fits your characteristics. All in all, even if you have the same name as someone else, there is no comparison to your uniqueness in the ownership of your name.  It’s something you never take off.  It’s answerable to many people in your life.  In retrospect, you have walked in response to your name up to this point.  You make the decision of how your name will be remembered and respected.  It is something that will be with you unto death and spoken of beyond.  Your name.  Think about it.

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