Weighing in on the American Diet

After watching shows on Netflix recommended by my doctor, like The Game Changer, What the Health, and Fork Over Knives Documentary it is hard to go back to eating a regular western diet. There is no secret that obesity is taking a toll on our bodies in the United States. You don’t need to be a scientist to see how our diets are changing our bodies. Not just our outside shell, but our insides as well.  Go through a drive thru and order a small drink and it seems like a medium.  Not to mention ‘would you like to supersize that meal for only pennies more’ is voiced through the drive thru window. Commercials are filled with diet options like Nutri-Sweet, Slimfast, and Weight Watchers to name a few. On the other side of that coin we see a mass amount of advertisement of workout equipment and apps that you would think should power us up and encourage us to join a program. 

I am one to tell you that human behavior is a difficult beast to change. I have been on this road before. Sometimes those who don’t seem to have issues with their weight have trouble relating to those who do.  It is a real problem, but not hopeless.  You can make the change.  I know you may feel like you have fallen off the path many times and then you feel like giving up. It is not hopeless. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall off.  It matters that you get back on the path.  There are so many resources out there.  Find the one that best suits you. The one that you know you will stick with.  What makes the difference for me is the physician I see has a vision of me getting healthy, off medication, and taking better care of myself. Not just put me on medicine and not educate me on how I can get off medicine. Sure, I’ve had to take Cholesterol meds and Hypertension as well.  It’s almost like you are tagged for these meds if you have a family history of it.  Really, when you think about it, we put that in our heads way before we even need the meds.  We eat whatever because we say to ourselves ‘I’m going to be on these meds anyhow’ and think the meds is going to keep you alive. Why not be proactive and say “It maybe my family history, but I can make a difference as to my medical future”. My heart goes out to those who are having this struggle; because it really is a struggle.

Be proactive about your health. You are the main person who can.  Having a supporting physician that educates you and directs you in ways that will help you get closer to a goal of not taking medicine. Always take your medicine as prescribe and work with your physician on what you need to do to get off of them if possible, or even have lessor dosage. Even medicine that is doing good for one diagnosis in your body be can negatively affect another part of your body. You notice those commercials when they advertise a medicine? At the end of the commercial they have all the negative things you need to be aware of. They say it so fast it’s hard to really hear it all sometimes.   

All of that aside, you can do this. I have chosen, under my physicians’ instructions, to change to a whole food plant-based eating plan. Since I have started, I have stop taking my cholesterol medication per my physicians’ instructions and my blood work confirmation that my numbers are good. Whatever plan works for you.  Talk with your physician and see if you both are on the same page. You can do this.  I am positive.