Tomorrow Is Not Promised

When you have children, you seek to set memorable moments in their lives.  You welcome the grandmas and grandpas to make a big impact on annual gatherings.  It was our annual trip to visit grandma and grandpa.  The Christmas holiday brought some memories then. 

 Every year we would pack up the Lego blocks and head to what we considered the country.  Grandma would clear out the front room just for this occasion, knowing that the kids would have blocks everywhere.  “let them have fun, let them be” she would say.  Then she would bring in the blocks that she would find each year the kids left before under a chair or in a corner.  The children would spend most of the day in that front room on the floor just building all that was in their imaginary head.  Believe it or not grandpa was in the kitchen.  He made the best homemade biscuits.  There was no breakfast without grandpa’s biscuits and fish and grits.  Oh, how can you not smell that.  I can almost taste it.  

The children couldn’t wait when grandpa cranked up the tractor, letting them drive it at times.  Their yard was so full of pecans.  Grandma would bag them up so we could carry some home with us.  We would finish the days off with roasted peanuts in the oven and warm conversations among the adults and the children back in the front room with the blocks. There was no bedtime at grandma and grandpa’s house.  Well, those were happy times.  Seasons change, children get older, and life seems to happen.  We did get a call from grandpa.  He wanted to have a family meeting.  Grandma and grandpa came to visit us.  We were sitting around the table and he shared with us that he had lung cancer.  He wanted to see our pastor.  He wanted to put everything in order from his work on the earth to his spiritual life.  So, everything was set in place.  He accepted Jesus Christ into his life and he was baptized at our church.   I believe that he was at peace.   

I am so thankful that grandpa had that opportunity to set things in order for his family and make peace with God.  We don’t always get that opportunity.  

Sometimes we think that opportunity will still be there.  Unfortunately, we don’t know when or even how our last day will be here on this earth.  I am grateful to know that grandma and grandpa made memories for the grandchildren.  If there are people in your life you need to make things right with, do it today.  Tomorrow is not promised.