Pan Handler

Maybe some of you can remember the days of hitchhiking or seeing hitch hikers along your driving path. There was a time when it was nothing to just say to a stranger along the road, “jump in”. “I can take you as far as I’m going.” Now a days with a more public awareness of shows like Criminal Mind or America Most Wanted, it helps us to be more informed of dangers that are occurring around us. Being cautious has taken the forefront and hitchhiking is hardly heard of. What about giving to those who stand on the corner with their signs asking you to give them money because they are homeless. This, is still happening today, but still being cautious is at hand. What happened to the Good Samaritan? Is it being faded out?  Yet that one who stops to help and Prays he is doing the right thing are having second thoughts because of an incident that happened when a Good Samaritan was fatally attacked trying to help someone. 

What do we do? Just give to organizations that help the homeless? This maybe a safer way of staying protected and being sure the donations go to the needy. But of course, you have to also be careful of the organizations you donate to. Be sure they are legit. Especially if you are donating online. 
I sometimes wonder what it takes for a person to stand on a corner for hours at a time, also, with children holding a sign. I wonder if they’ve tried all the resources out there. I know it may not be my place to question. But it makes it hard for the truly needy to get the help when the ones who are pretending to be needy are standing on the corner.  They then finish their day by walking a couple of blocks to get in their car. Like they earned a day’s wage. I also know that there may be some mental issues that we are not aware of, which can sometime get overlooked.  Some people’s cases fall through the crack of getting help. We may not have enough social workers or even doctors to assure the needs of the mentally ill. I suppose homelessness vary from state to state and provisions may also. Again, I say how can you be a Good Samaritan and know that you are doing the right and safe thing? You can give to your church and their causes. You can give to the causes of your community and city. Always check the history of websites carefully when giving Online. Let’s not let the Good Samaritan die out.  There is always someone just around the corner who are less fortunate than you are who could use your assistance.

Source: Baltimore Sun