It’s Nice to have the Option

In the United States when purchasing a home, you find that parents often inquire about the schools in the area.  This in some cases determines whether or not they become a homeowner in that community. With so many learning avenues in today’s society, parents in the United States have many options of how and where they want their children educated.   Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE) sites homeschooling beginning in the1970s     It has been legal in all US 50 states since 1993. There are many styles of Homeschooling such as Classical, Montessori, School-at-Home, Unit Studies just to name a few.  Living abroad, depending on where you are in some countries homeschooling is illegal or restrictive.  There are still legal cases being fought for the right to homeschool in some places abroad.

What are the reasons why families homeschool? Possibly some of the leading reasons are wanting to be involved in their child’s education, religious reasons, or just don’t believe the school system in their area is adequate or up to the parent’s standards.  For whatever reason, it is a big decision for a family to decide to homeschool.  It really involves a lot and it can also mean a lot is relying on the parents to be sure that their children meet the bar of being prepared for what the future holds for their children in education.   I am not saying that they need to be the elite.  Some parents homeschooling is untraditional and more about life experiences in learning.  The one thing I believe we don’t want is for a child to be unprepared for the society that he or she will be introduced to as an adult. 

Homeschoolers get a lot of kudos.  Over the years I’ve heard how bright they are and how homeschoolers excel in academics.  They can even have a college degree before finishing high school.  Failing in social skills is a top concern of those on the outside in looking in at homeschooling, but with the involvement of churches, business, and many organizations, a homeschooler has a pick of many interactive resources.

Once a parent has made that choice to homeschool and decided the style direction in which they would like to teach their child, getting the legalities out of the way is a priority.  Research what your state’s requirements are, join a local home school group, and choosing your curriculum is just the beginning.  Some families have it all figured out which parent will take the lead, mom or dad.  The good thing about that it’s really up to how your family want to work that out.  The key thing is whatever works best for your family.  As the children get older, they can even have input in some of the decision making as to the style of learning.  Homeschooling has really aided parents who have children with learning disabilities.  Some school based structed programs are hard for some children to mold into.  The long hour days and sitting in classrooms, sometimes with a minimum of 20 students, a child with any type of learning deficit can fall through the educational crack and then labeled inappropriately.  So, the question is should we homeschool?  It is nice to know that there is that option.