Defining What Defines You. So, what do you do? Often, we are approached with this question.

So, what do you do?  Often, we are approached with this question.  We are at times tied to our employment or unemployment as to the status we have in this world.   Therefore, giving a perception of something that defines who we really are.  Today’s social media really can mislead us on knowing who a person is.  Truthful or not, it is hard to see behind the profiles and tweets to get to really grasp the defining characteristics of an individual.  With many dating sites growing daily having a perception of someone prior to meeting them can be deceiving.  However, some may have found their “perfect” partner on these sites.  How do people really know what defines you?  Is it what you believe are your values that you stand by?  The passions that you put your effort into? Who are you really? 

We’ve perhaps heard of where your money is, there your heart will be also?  Some of us would rather not reveal that information.  If there was one negative thing you would change about this world what would it be?  This type of question from the game ‘Would You Rather’ could perhaps give someone a look into your thoughts about our world, but yet it would not really tell them anything definitive about you.   Especially, when you can disagree on what may or may not be negative in this world.  Other ways of defining someone is by race or nationality.  We find this most commonly used when we complete an application for a job or government use.  We can even define a person to the point of labeling them as a part of a group whether religion, age, or sex. 

What do you want to define you, to me, could bring up another question?  What really matters to you.  Have you ever said something or joked about something and what was said was misinterpreted?  So, then our intent or motive about what we meant to say is defined in a way that we didn’t mean. Even when you try to explain what you really meant people may brush it off and not get past what you said the first time.  We are ever growing and learning.  Our desires my change with the seasons of our life.  Some things can stand true, such as our values and principles.  What do you value?  What are your foundational principles you live by?  These can be universal; such as being kind, forgiving, or patience.  People can hear your actions through these.  No matter who you are, what you do, or beyond what you say.  You hear them at a eulogy.  ‘Oh, he was so giving’ or ‘he never said an unkind word to anyone’.  So, maybe what you would want said at your eulogy should defined you.  What would that be.  Who would be there to hear this and agree with it?  Would anyone be there that really knew you?