Deep or Shallow

If you went to the swimming pool would you be a shallow swimmer or a deep ender?  What if you had an opportunity to move into a condo.  Would you want to stay on the first floor or the eight floor?  Are there things about us that determines how far we push ourselves?  We may want to be that type of person to jump off the diving board, but only to find out that it wasn’t a good idea.  How do we move pass these idiosyncrasies? Or should we.  You may be comfortable where you are and not want to be pushed in areas you don’t want to be.  Is that bad?  Whose to say one way or the other? 

Our likes and dislikes make us unique from others.  It molds our personality and creates boundaries we use to direct our lives.  Somethings we may wish we had started or done years before and end up saying it’s too late because again, we don’t push ourselves to make whatever it is a priority.  Even in our relationship with others the conversations may move our thoughts outside of what is being discussed at the time to something else.  We may not mentally be involved.  Are we on the track we should be on?  Some people spend years in a career and suddenly jump ship because they realize that it was pretty much draining the life out of them.  No matter how much money they were making, they had no oxygen, no freedom to live. 

Life happens.  We may have incidences that happen in our lives that helps us to reflect or direct us into directions we never thought we would be in.  We really didn’t know that about ourselves, however at the time of the redirecting , it could be under unpleasant circumstances that pushes us to limits we thought we could not survive.  It could also drive us to not wanting to be pushed anymore at all.  Being able to stop and reflect on your life and finding those things that you can appreciate about your life can help you to focus on the positive areas of your circumstances.

Psychology Today notes that we all suffer from what is called self-blindness. This is a blind spot to self-knowledge, which may not give us a glimpse into what really makes us happy or why we do certain things. Trying new experiences can be rewarding and actually help us find out things about ourselves that we may not have had we not tried it. Life is lived one day at a time and there is something new to learn each day.  Each life season we enter into hopefully will add to the next to make us a little wiser than before.  Another aspect of our lives could be living selflessly and equipping ourselves to give a part of who we are away, whether in words or deed to someone else.  This hopefully will aid you to grow and appreciate that caring part of you that our world truly needs.  One thing we eventually learn about each other is that we do need each other, whether we are walking in the shallow parts or swimming in the deep end.